NEW BEECH - Spalted Beech (Frame size 520 x 425)
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NEW BEECH - Spalted Beech (Frame size 520 x 425)

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This beautiful single moth is made from Spalted Beech. Each high quality frame is hand built in Devon with a choice of either standard or non-reflective glass. Each piece is signed and will be provided with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Moth Wood: Spalted Beech
  • Frame Size: 520mm x 425mm
  • Frame Colour: Your Choice (see image)
  • Glass: Your Choice (standard or non-reflective)

Wood Grain & Colour
All my moths are hand made in Devon. The moth(s) you will receive will be as close to this grain and colour as possible.

Please contact Andre to discuss any specific requirements or commissions