Moths throughout May at the Delamore Arts Exhibition

Delamore House Devon

Set on the footstep of Dartmoor in Cornwood the annual Delamore Arts show is a perfect setting for Andre’s unique moths to be showcased. The Arts and Sculpture Exhibition takes place annually and runs every day throughout May with over 150 artists from across the South West uniting to exhibit their collections. The stunning Delamore Estate boasts a gorgeous historic house and gardens, which are not typically open to the public. Throughout the impressive building you will find an array of artwork, and within the grounds, the vibrant rhododendrons provide an impressive backdrop for the sculptures.

The natural setting lends itself perfectly to Andre Daniels Moth Man collection which was born in the heart of the woods from fallen trees. The Moths come to life at this exhibition and with visitors interested in both art and the beautiful surroundings the pieces are particularly popular.

Andre Daniel says “Every moth is original and unique because no two pieces are ever the same. I look at every piece of wood and create something different. I don’t fell a tree to make a moth; it’s the little obscure pieces that I find that would otherwise not be used for anything else.”

The exhibition is a wonderful day out for the family, make sure you see the splendid collection of Devon made hardwood Moths Andre has provided. The café kitchen at Delamore is open and serving soup, salad, sandwiches, cakes and ice-creams for when the sun shines. Each year thousands of visitors adore the combination of a fantastic range of art coupled with a supreme English garden and house to explore.

One-third of the artists featured at Delamore are new that year meaning there is a fresh selection of art for returning visitors. The curators ensure that there is a range of price points to suit the varied visitors that come through the estates doors each day.

This year Delamore is proudly supporting the Moor Otters Public Arts initiative in aid of Dartmoor National Park, which offers opportunities to both artists and corporate supporters to raise their profiles and help raise funds to enable vital National Park projects. 

Over the final two weekends in May, which includes the bank holiday weekend, you can enjoy talks from a selection of the artists and partners. You can book the talks in advance, tickets are limited to 100 per talk so head to the Delamore Art Exhibition website to secure your place.

Make your way to the exhibition to explore the art over the coming weeks!

The exhibition is open to the public EVERY DAY IN MAY.

10:30am until 4:30pm including weekends and bank holidays!